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Virtual CTO Services are for helping the startups, business owners, or top executives with business strategy and plans on architecture, development, deployment, content management, brand and product promotion, goto market strategy, customer acquisition, risk mitigation, third party tools selection, and integration and customer support

  • Solve the most complex technology challenges covering Business Strategy, Brand Building, Technology infusion and DevOps using our services.
  • If you ever felt in need of a critic, a mentor or a technocrat who can assess your strategy, plans and technology and guide you, then we can help you and your team for creating bigger impacts on your business.
Our hands-on approach will help you to implement your strategies on promotion, sales conversion and building customer loyalty.
  • Our Virtual CTO Services will be helpful to the startups, business owners or top executives for dealing with challenges on business strategy and architecture, development, deployment, content management, brand building and product promotion, goto market strategy, customer acquisition, risk mitigation, third party tools selection and integration and customer support.

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How will our Services benefit you?

  • As a business owner small or big or head of a business unit, there are several challenges you face in identifying the right technology for a successful implementation of your business strategies, keeping the content current across various channels, gauging the mood of your customers, sending the right messages to the right target audiences and ensuring your team's readiness in managing them.

    We prepare you in deploying your strategy to face these challenges
  • Effective management of content is needed for public visibility, internal consumption, integration with internal tools/apps and the action to be taken by your team on every trigger.

    We will help you plan and execute effective content management and customer data management strategies.
  • There is a big landscape of tools and apps that can solve a specific set of problems. Synchronization of each new data collected from various third-party tools with your existing internal tools is a challenge.

    We can help your team with the selection of tools and their integration issues

Digital Marketing

  • Our Digital Marketing strategies can work with a wide range of businesses. We help you with your marketing needs so you can quickly focus on acquiring and serving your customers


  • Our eCommerce strategies and consulting can help you to establish a new or migrate your Websites to an e-commerce platform so your visiting customers can complete the sale directly from your website.
  • Apps & Tools Integration Strategy and Consulting will help your team with effective use of third-party solutions and mitigating challenges during integration in the areas of shopping carts, project management, training, finance and mobile applications.

Tools & Integration

  • Our Content Management strategies can help your team to manage the content, align with Strategies, Track Changes, Measure and Redeliver, Associate Content to Customer & Customer Insights, deliver the Right Content to the Right Customers.

Content Management


DevOps Strategies

Our DevOps strategies and consulting will help your team to get started with the technical, process, measurement, and cultural capabilities of DevOps to drive higher software delivery and organisational performance.

Migration Strategies

Migration strategy and consulting services will help your team for migrating the legacy IT services to Cloud-enabled Infrastructure such as AWS & Google Cloud

Cloud Migration

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Business, Technology & Tools Strategies and Consulting

Britto L Marceline

Britto L Marceline, M.TECH (IIT Delhi) has been involved in helping small businesses with Digital Marketing Strategies, building socially scalable solutions in telecommunication, introducing ICT in Agriculture, enabling industry-ready students through internship and delivering quality solutions to our clients.

  • Has played several roles as a senior management executive (CTO), R&D Center Head, Director, Project manager, New Product & Architecture Head, Process Quality Head, IT Head and Software Developer.
  • Has over 3 decades of experience in building several solutions in Cloud, wireline, wireless and Data communication for small to large-sized companies in various roles.
  • Currently involved in building scalable cloud Apps and helping small businesses with Business strategies and digital marketing their products and services
  • Established a startup offering cost-effective web solutions to businesses (1 company). Established Engineering teams from seed (2 Organizations)
  • Had an overall Engineering responsibility that included product roadmap, concept, specification, design (HW, SW), testing, NPI, Mass manufacturing, certification of products and field deployment
  • Led Engineering activities in Cloud, Digital Marketing, Web Apps, Telco Products in wireline and wireless

  • Worked with India wireless regulators (WPC) and TEC for defining product specifications and requirements for WiMAX.
  • Led ISO & CMMI L3 certifications (2 ISO certifications and 1 CMMI)
  • Managed IT & Cloud infrastructure for multi-site product development

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We learned more on each stroke of the keys on our computers. We understood our clients better on completion of each our assigned tasks. 

Surely, you can stand on us with over 30+ years of our experience handling projects in telecom, cloud, web design and digital marketing and make the right decisions to grow your business. Hopefully you can smell the aroma of our expertise.

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