​Apps, Tools and Integration

Third-party Tools & Apps Integration Strategy and Consulting is for helping your team with effective use of third-party solutions and mitigating challenges during integration in the areas of shopping carts, project management, training, finance, and mobile applications.

With our expertise in developing various IT applications, we help your team choosing the right tools strategies and integrating data with your internal tools.

Tools Rails

Effective management of content is needed for public visibility, internal consumption, integration with internal tools/apps and the action to be taken by your team on every trigger.

Tools & Integration 
Strategy and Implementation

There is a big landscape of tools and apps that can solve a specific set of problems. Synchronization of each new data collected from various third-party tools with your existing internal tools is a challenge.

  • See the Product Rails of various apps and tools for your need. Each tool will also bring in benefits as well as enough complexity that adds up to your team's learning curve.
  • When selecting the right set of tools, take note of the type of product you’re tackling, the amount of time you have to customize for your need and who you’ll be collaborating with.             

Communicate and act on the customized data. All stakeholders, Developers and executives from multiple departments can now compare, filter and organize the exact data they need on the fly, in one report

  • Unite the data in one place:
    • Easily connect your data from spreadsheets, Analytics, Google Ads, Google BigQuery and more.
  • Explore the data
    • Transform your raw data into the metrics and dimensions needed to create easy-to-understand reports and dashboards — no code or queries required.
  • Tell impactful stories:
    • Create and share engaging reports and data visualizations that tell the story for you.
  • Empower your teams.
    • Arm people with the knowledge of your key metrics by sharing automated data dashboards that update regularly, so they can focus more on what matters.

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We learned more on each stroke of the keys on our computers. We understood our clients better on completion of each our assigned tasks. 

Surely, you can stand on us with over 30+ years of our experience handling projects in telecom, cloud, web design and digital marketing and make the right decisions to grow your business. Hopefully you can smell the aroma of our expertise.

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