About us

Synapticdots Solutions Private Limited is offering integrated business & Technology strategies and consulting services. We are a software technology and digital marketing company.  We have a great deal of experience in creating and managing enterprise-quality Cloud, Mobile, Telecom, and Digital Marketing Applications.

​We are located in Chennai.
What we do and why it matters

Synapticdots works closely with small and medium businesses in devising integrated Business and Technology Strategies to grow their businesses.

  • We offer Marketing Services and Cloud Applications for meeting your challenges from Strategies, Social Campaigns, Lead Management and Sales conversion.
  • We offer cloud-enabled technical solutions to speed up your implementation process and address other challenges in your Business.
  • We offer services for Brand Promotion and Customer Acquisition through Digital Marketing services.
  • We have delivered Applications with enterprise-quality IT Solutions on a reliable, scalable, secure, access-controlled, backed up, elastic, pay per usage in highly performing cloud infrastructure.
  • We have built various applications for Collaborative websites, Shopping carts, Project management tools, Training tools, Finance tools and Mobile applications.

Our Vision

Synapticdots will be striving to convert innovative ideas into equity for its investors, growth to its customers, and wealth to its employees

Our Mission

Excellence through innovation

Our History

We were incorporated on 03-Apr-2013 with the objective of creating advanced cloud enabled solutions. During these years we have been learning to get the best out of us and for our customers. 

The journey continues and we are picking up stones along the way to build our castle some day, so that birds can build their nest on our trees too.

Our team of

The consultancy is led by the CEO. Synapticdots works closely with vendors to deliver additional services for our client's needs. We have established relationship with vendors and service providers to deliver you our services.

Britto L Marceline

Co-Founder, Director & CEO

Britto L Marceline, M.TECH (IIT Delhi) has been involved in helping small businesses with Digital Marketing Strategies, building socially scalable solutions in telecommunication, introducing ICT in Agriculture, enabling industry-ready students through the internship, and delivering quality solutions to our clients.

He had played in the past several roles as a senior management executive (CTO), R&D Centre Head, Director, Project manager, New Product & Architecture Head, Process Quality Head, IT Head, and Software Developer

Josephine MC Marceline

Co-Founder, Director & HR Consultant