Synapticdots Solutions Private Limited is a software technology and digital marketing company. We have a great deal of experience with businesses creating enterprise-quality Cloud, Mobile, Telecom and Digital Marketing Applications along with managed services.

Synapticdots works closely with small and medium businesses in devising Technology & Business Strategies to grow their businesses.

Meeting the needs of SMEs and Large businesses

Integrated Technology & Business Strategies 

Solve the complex technological challenges covering Business Strategy, Brand Building, and Technology infusion using our services.

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Strategies to Grow your Business

Are you Challenging yourself to grow?

You may face several challenges but the biggest challenge is challenging yourself to excel. 

The top 10 challenges are:

  • A measure of Customer insights and Satisfaction
  • Business Strategies
  • Technology Strategies and managing exploding contents
  • Building Brand, Social Awareness, and Promotion
  • Uncertainty of the Future
  • Tax Rules and Compliance
  • Financial Management 
  • Competition
  • Building Team
  • Self Belief

Felt in need of a helping hand to grow your business?

Felt in need of a critic, a mentor, or a technocrat who can assess your strategy, plans & technology and guide you & your team for creating bigger impacts on your business?

Read more on our services and see how our integrated technology & business strategies help you to take the right decisions.

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Unsatisfied Customers?

As a business owner or head of a business unit, there are several challenges you may face in:

  • gauging the mood of your customers
  • sending the right messages to the right target audiences
  • keeping the content current across various channels
  • ensuring your team's readiness in managing them

Read more on our services and check how our strategies & services will make your customers satisfied.

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Chosen the right tools? 

There is a big landscape of tools and apps that can solve a specific set of problems. Synchronisation of each new data collected from various third-party tools with your existing internal tools is a challenge and is not an easy task.

Read more on our services and talk to us to see how our tools strategies will make your content integrated.

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Our Services

We offer Strategies and Consulting Services for your Business and Technology needs

Business, Technology & Tools Strategies and Consulting

Solve the most complex technological challenges covering Business Strategy, Brand Building, Technology Infusion and Apps & Tools Integration using our services. 

Our integrated approach of Technology blended with Business Strategies enables our clients to not only grow their business, but also recover/consolidate their contents & assets, integrate better tools/apps to augment their technology framework, and engage with their customers better.

Choose below the services that meet your needs and click for additional information

Virtual CTO Services

Scale up your startup with our Virtual CTO Services on Business Strategy, Brand Building, Technology infusion and DevOps

Digital Marketing

Establish a Digital Marketing strategy to build your brand and quickly focus on acquiring and serving your customers

Websites & Landing Pages

Establish a new or migrate your website with a new look. Integrate forms and social pages. Integrate dashboards and insights to your website events and audiences. 

Tools Strategies

Consider a Synchronisation strategy of each new data collected from various third-party tools with your existing internal tools.


Get started with the technical, process, measurement, and cultural capabilities of DevOps to drive higher software delivery and organisational performance.

Cloud Migration

Migrate your IT deployment to Cloud. Customers are growing their businesses through successful cloud migrations.


Establish a new or migrate your website to an e-commerce platform. Scale up your current Digital business with effective marketing strategies.

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Our Products

In Development...

Coming Soon...
Health Apps

Apps for the health issues of you and your family. 

Digital APIs

Digital APIs and Widgets to enhance the functionalities of your digital applications


குறள் 754:

அறன்ஈனும் இன்பமும் ஈனும் திறனறிந்து
தீதின்றி வந்த பொருள்.

"Acquiring wealth 

by using the talents and in good means 

will yield virtue and happiness" 

- Thirukkural: 754

Our Clients

We have helped several clients making the right decisions to grow their business and brands through our strategies, products, services and consulting.

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Areas of our expertise

We learned more on each stroke of the keys on our computers. We understood our clients better on completion of each our assigned tasks. 

Surely, you can stand on us with over 30+ years of our experience handling projects in telecom, cloud, web design and digital marketing and make the right decisions to grow your business. Hopefully you can smell the aroma of our expertise.

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